The Law Office of Javier Arteaga, P.A., is owned and operated by Javier Arteaga with an emphasis on Immigration Law.  Javier Arteaga’s practice offers legal representation for any immigration related matter  including but not limited to the following areas of immigration law: deportation defense for both detained and non-detained clients, applications for U.S. residency and U.S. citizenship, and employment based visas for international clients.

Javier has represented immigration clients since 2006.  The Law Office of Javier Arteaga, P.A.  provides honest and successful representation.  In 1980, Javier’s family fled the repressive government of Cuba on a shrimp boat, and in large thanks to the government of the U.S. was granted permission to remain in the U.S.  This unique upbringing has taught Javier to understand the needs of his clients both as a legal representative and adviser.

Javier believes providing legal representation is more than signing contracts and litigating on his client’s behalf.  Legal representation also includes listening to your client’s needs, remaining flexible and understanding of your client’s unique issues, and educating your clients about immigration.  A firm built on the values and experiences of immigrants is better equipped to serve the needs of immigrants.

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